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Referendum 2016

Referendum Executive Summary

Referendum Update January 2017:

Several projects were completed over the summer of 2016 including:

*Elementary and high school bathrooms remodeled

*Parking lot refinished

*Roof replaced on bus garage

*Fence replaced at the Juda Park

*New curriculum purchased for Biology and Personal Finance

Phase 2 has started. The work on the old locker rooms and the old elementary (dungeon) gym has started. You can see the windows for the new library being cut into the old gym. The old locker rooms are being remodeled into a classroom and will be completed in February. The old gym is being remodeled into a new Learning Commons/Library and will be completed in late April/early May. Math and history curriculum are being researched by staff.

Phase 3 will start right after school is out and will include the elementary and high school classrooms.

Pictures will be put on Facebook periodically!

Referendum update:

On April 5, 2016, the Juda Community voted on two referendum questions.  The results are as follows:

Question 1: This question was for the 5.7 million dollars in remodeling and building upgrades.  This question passed 293 yes to 224 no.

Question 2: This question was for $150,000 recurring operational referendum.  This question passed 329 yes to 182 no.  

On behalf of the School District of Juda and the Board of Education, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your input into this process and for taking the time to learn more about what we are trying to do here at Juda and how we want to continue this amazing asset to our community.

We are in preliminary discussions with the contractors and the architect for the timelines of the projects.  The initial plan has some smaller projects starting this summer and several projects starting in the fall of the 2016-2017 school year.  Major remodeling of the elementary is scheduled for next summer (2017).  In the next month we will be getting more specifics on when the building projects will be completed and how that may affect the flow of school.  For example, there may be times when we need to have  you enter different doors.

We are very excited to begin these projects to enhance the learning of our students.  Please call me or email me with any questions.

The following link is a summary of the projects.

Click to view some photos of the building needs

Please let me know if there are any other questions.  We will update  you as the projects progress.

Traci Davis davis@judaschool.com or 934-5251.


    Over the summer, Juda School began some of the referendum projects that were voted on and passed 293 yes to 224 no on April 5. The palace gym floor was refinished and repainted. New scoreboards were purchased for the palace gym, and the old scoreboards were relocated to the pit gym. There is new playground equipment on the Juda playground and at the Juda Community Park. The elementary and staff bathrooms were torn down and rebuilt. The stairwell by the middle school parking lot was rebuilt, and the parking lot itself was repaved and repainted. The small gym and the elementary bathrooms had the asbestos removed from them. The Juda School will continue its referendum projects over the course of the school year and into next summer.