School Reopening Information

We know that school has been on everyone’s mind. The following information is the plan that the school board approved on August 6, 2020. This plan will be a fluid plan and will constantly be revised and adapted as the year goes on and the situation changes. We thank the parents, the staff, the community and the board for the time, considerations and work put into these plans.

Right now we are planning on starting with a regular schedule and school day (with precautions) on August 31. As we all know, things can change quickly. We are going to work with families and students the best we can to provide the best education and opportunities for our students. We need your support to make this successful for all involved. We are working hard to provide a safe environment for all and mitigate risks. Thank you for all you do and #GoJuda!

Juda Schools Reopening Plan 2020-2021