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Third Grade

Welcome to Mrs. McCullough's 3rd Grade!

Kathie McCullough 
N 2385 Spring Street
Juda, WI 53550 
608-934-5251 ext. 114

Reading/Sight Word/Spelling Practice Sites

Spelling and Grammar practice from class

Spelling City/Vocabulary City
Practice current Reading Wonders spelling and vocabulary lists

Login for Freckle, math and reading practice

Online library

Reading practice-books at your own level

Story and comprehension practice

Sight word practice game

Boggle game

Unscramble the letters to make words

Coconut Spelling with Vowels

Blast the coconuts with the right vowels to make words

Read the passage and decide why the author wrote it.

Practice finding short and long vowel words

Match the ice cream cause with the correct effect cone

Match the storm cloud passage with the correct tree and blow it up!

Put the directions in the planets in the correct order so they make sense

Comprehension practice

Pick the sentence that does not belong with the paragraph

Find the subject and verb that go best together

Get rid of the ghosts by picking the correct synonym or antonym!

Pick the words that have the same sound but different spelling

Hit the substitute teacher with water balloons by answering the questions!

Smash your rocket ship into asteroids to create words

Put your blocks in ABC order

Social Studies Sites

Some and great photos of monuments

Use for Memorial/Landmark pics

Offers virtual tours and information for several national landmarks

State vs. National, community government, documents, symbols

Wax Museum Research Sites

Fantastic resource!

**Note-you must print timeline as soon as you make it
or it will be lost, and you will have to start over!!!

Forward test prep

Greek Mythology Research

From National Geographic Kids, a brief description of 
the major Greek Gods. Pictures of statues as well.

Offers lots of facts and stories about 12 major Greek gods and
goddesses. Caution: Many ads during search

Facts and stories. Pictures available as well.

Very brief facts about several mythological characters

Phonics Practice Sites

Sort words by their long vowel buddy sounds

CV word video and practice

Practice changing short vowels into long vowel words with silent e

Practice making long e words

Practice making long e words

Practice making long o words

Read the sentences to color the picture filled with long o words.

Practice making long u words

Practice reading and finding -or words in the picture

When Two Vowels Go Walking song (Between the Lions)

Math practice sites

Online access to class math program

Practice all types of math facts

Keeps track of your progress as well

Similar to Freckle, but only offers math

Virtual/Home School Other Learning Options

Use to sign into class activities

Practice oceans, continents, maps of different countries

Online games about science, space, weather, climate

Learn about weather and storms

Online Math Manipulatives

Games for practicing counting coins

Use for comparing fractions

Pick your color and create your shape

Race the other babies by answering addition facts quickly!

Area and perimeter practice

Type in temperature and convert Fahrenheit and celcius

Games for all operations

Match coins and money amounts to earn money to build a playground!

Telling Time Practice Sites

Use to help practice telling time or elapsed time

Practice telling time

Choose the advanced game for time to the minute
Choose the challenge game for elapsed time

Make a basket in order to answer clock questions

Multiple choice answers, good for beginner elapsed time

Multiplication Fact Practice Sites

Like Kitten Hop, only for multiplication!

Earn your move to play Connect 4 by answering a multiplication problem!

Answer a multiplication problem correct and earn a soccer penalty kick!

Play Squirrel Pinball and earn nuts!

Jump to collect coins and answer multiplication problems

Answer multiplication problems and race a car to the finish line!

Blast the meteors with the correct answer!

Gather as many monsters as you can!

Help Penguin scoop the right flavors by answering problems correctly!

Lots of multiplication games to choose from (some are listed above)

Division Fact Practice Sites

Blow up the tanks before they knock down your wall!

Horse racing

Other Fact/Math practice

Advanced math problem solving

Catch all of the candy by doing addition facts before the cats get you!

Similar to Kitten Hop, only for math fact practice!

Race you car and collect even, odd, greater or less than numbers

Slice up as many even or odd numbers as you can!

Do math facts in order to hit the bad guys with snowballs!

Zap the zombies with paintballs to pick the correct number!

Use coins to buy candy

Play in teams or individually


Use for space/solar system research

Tons of weather and natural disaster information

Use for additional weather research

Weather facts - Science Kids
Facts about clouds, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, snow, etc.

Into the Outdoors site

Other Recommended Sites

Royalty free clipart

Classroom exercise with awesome music! Create a free account to enjoy at home!

Statue of Liberty, Washington D.C. Monuments

Online book order website. Please email Mrs. McCullough when you place an order!