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Middle School

The Juda Middle School includes grades six through eight.  Middle School students also have elective classes in agriculture, art, business, family and consumer sciences, health, music (band, choir, general music), physical education and Spanish.

Click the link above to view all of the information about the 8th-grade promotion ceremony. 

Daily Assignments:

6th Grade:
English -  Sentence test-1/21, essay/letter test-1-22
Math - L2.1 Notes - None
Reading 9 IXL 5th grade vocabulary (V-FF) by 1/24, Q3 paragraph-3/10
Science - None
Social Studies - 

7th Grade:
English - ,  Final draft 1/21
Math - L3.1 Big Ideas Practice
Reading - 9 IXL 6th grade vocabulary(O-W) by 1/24, Q3 paragraph-3/10
Science - Finished Lab - None
Social Studies - Weekly Studies page 4 Homework is due on Wednesdays.  Weekly Studies tests will now be on Thursdays. 
only the map is due this week.

8th Grade: 
English - , outline-1/21, note taking test 1-22
Math - Core Skills Assessment - None
Reading - 9 IXL 7th grade vocabulary (P-X) by 1/24, Q3 paragraph-3/10
Science - Went Over Lab - None
Social Studies -