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Juda High School Math

Mr. Anderson  High School Math & Engineering Teacher
Ann & Scott Anderson    
PAEMST Finalist Luncheon 2015
Juda's math mission is to provide the complete range of math courses to help our students be competitive in our ever-changing flatter world! From Algebra to College CAPP/AP Calculus AB - every class asks each student to become problem solvers & to stretch themselves. Juda's math system stresses communication skills, the work is more than the answer -- it's the process, method and proof of a solution that are truly important. To that end Juda will continue using a grading system that checks for those communication skills!

Juda is also proud to announce that we have been re-authorized for the 8th year to use the AP designation (Advanced Placement) for our College Level Calculus course. Authorization by AP means the course is officially recognized by the College Board as meeting or exceeding the expectations of colleges and universities for 1st semester Calculus. This allows students who perform to expectations, and pass the AP exam, to receive college credit here in Juda.

And since 2012 Juda has offered Calculus through UW-Oskosh taught by Mr. Anderson - ask Juda about their CAPP program for college credit!  

Also check out math videos on youtube!