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Academic Career Planning-ACP

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Schools in Wisconsin will soon use a new, more comprehensive process to help students make and achieve goals for post-secondary education and careers. In Academic and Career Planning (ACP), teachers, parents, and others provide ongoing guidance and mentoring to students, over a period of years. Students learn to deepen their knowledge of themselves. They then set goals that are truly theirs and make plans for achieving them. The goals apply not only to their experience inside school walls, but also to their lives outside of school and to their future beyond graduation. The process of creating this plan is actually more important than the product (the plan) that results. Why? Because even though a student’s goals will change over time, going through the Academic and Career Planning process has the power to engage students in their learning and to help them develop skills of self-awareness and planning. A Wisconsin law passed in 2013 says that every school district must provide ACP services to students in grades 6-12 beginning in the 2017-18 school year. The Department of Public Instruction and an advisory council comprised of PK-12, college, and business leaders are providing schools with many resources to help them start the ACP process. More information about these resources can be found at The great promise of Academic and Career Planning is a quality system to personalize each student’s educational experience and connect it to their goals for the future. For more information go to: This information is copied from the web site.