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Second Grade

         Image result for st. patrick's day banner clip art   Image result for st. patrick's day banner clip art                                                                                     
            Do you believe it's March?!  This month we will celebrate Dr. Seuss Day, look for leprechauns on St. Patrick's Day, await spring, and get ready for Easter.

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Calendar Events:

March 2, 2018
Dr. Seuss Day

March 17, 2018
St. Patrick's Day

March 28, 2018
No school - Easter  

March 29, 2018
No school - Easter

March 30, 2018
No school - Easter

Here's what we are doing...

Health:  Slim Goodbody and friends are teaching us about safety.  Be safe at home, at school, and be safe involving strangers.

Math:  We have learned about tens and ones, even and odd numbers, many ways to show numbers, digit values, time to the hour and half hour, counting pennies and dimes, and counting in the hundreds.  Our new unit is addition and subtraction.  We will find shortcuts to adding and subtracting like making tens.  We added and subtracted 2 digit numbers.  We will also be working with 3 digit addition and subtraction.
*There will be homework pages some days.

Reading:  We will be reading about the Superkids in second grade with their teacher Ms. Blossom.   They will be helping us with phonics, sentences, and kinds of words.  We are reading chapter books in small reading groups.  Different groups are reading different books.  The titles are:  Mercy Watson Fights Crime (an unusual pet pig), Ivy and Bean Break The Fossil Record (A best friends adventure), and Detective Gordon - The First Case (Toad Detective).
*There could be homework pages some days.

Science:   We are looking at inventions.  We will look at how and why they were invented.  We will do some inventing ourselves.

Spelling:  Backpack 10 word list.  *Test on Friday
*There could be homework pages some days.

Social Studies:  We have learned some history behind Thanksgiving and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We have learned more about President's Day with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.