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Second Grade


     Happy New Year to all!  This month we will finish our science unit on plants, learn about Martin Luther King Jr., make some snowflakes, and wonder how much snow we could get.         
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Calendar Events:

January 1, 2020
Happy New Year

January 17, 2020
End of semester

January 20, 2020
No School - inservice
*Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Here's what we are doing...

Health:  We will get some healthy tips from Slim Goodbody and his friends this year.  We have learned about healthy habits already.  We have learned the food groups.   

Math:  We are reviewing even and odd numbers.  We will practice tens and ones as well.  We must read number words that name 2 digit numbers.  We are working on different ways to show the same number.  We look at digit values and breaking apart the tens.  We are working with hundreds numbers.  We made tens into hundreds and will break apart hundreds into tens.  We are practicing adding and subtracting facts. We are starting to add 2 digit numbers.

*There may be homework pages to do.

Reading:  We are reading about the Superkids in second grade with their teacher Ms. Blossom in whole class reading.  We are doing the skills the Superkids are learning. In small reading groups we are reading another Super Magazine.  This one is called Go!, Go!, Go!  It is about things that move.

*There may be homework pages to do.

Science:  We learned about animal groups.  We have finished our Mystery Science - Animal Adventures.  We have learned how scientists group animals and about habitats. We are learning about plants.  We have learned how seeds travel, what plants need to grow, how plants grow toward the sun, and the best places for plants to grow. 

Spelling:  Backpack page 57 spelling list.

Social Studies:  We read Scholastic News about various topics.  We have compared things from long ago to today.  We learned about Columbus Day.  We read about veterans for Veteran's Day.  We have learned about caring, giving, and getting gifts.  We will compare New Years Day traditions.  We will learn about Martin Luther King Jr.

Writing:  We are practicing letter sizes, spacing, and penmanship.  We are also practicing proofreading skills.  We finished writing a Halloween Rhyme.  We wrote an opinion paragraph about cats and dogs.  We wrote about giving and getting gifts.  It was practice with a main idea paragraph.  We are starting an animal report.  We will write a topic sentence and multiple paragraphs.