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Second Grade

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            Can you believe it's May?  This month we will learn about weather and caves.  We will visit a cave.  We will celebrate Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

During the school year, I can be reached at 934-5251 ext. 122
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Calendar Events:

May 13, 2018
Mother's Day

May 18, 2018
Juda Pride Day

May 25, 2018
Field Trip to Cave of the Mounds

May 28, 2018
Memorial Day

June 1, 2018
Last Day of School
*early release

Here's what we are doing...

Health:  We can find ways to calm ourselves and use self-control.

Math:  We have learned about tens and ones, even and odd numbers, many ways to show numbers, digit values, time to the hour and half hour, counting pennies and dimes, and counting in the hundreds.  Our new unit is addition and subtraction.  We will find shortcuts to adding and subtracting like making tens.  We added and subtracted 2 digit numbers.  We will also be working with 3 digit addition and subtraction.  We are counting coins using quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  We are measuring with inches, feet, centimeters, and meters. We have learned to read charts and graphs to understand data.  We are now working with shapes and fractions. 

*There will be homework pages some days.

Reading:  We will be reading about the Superkids in second grade with their teacher Ms. Blossom.   They will be helping us with phonics, sentences, and kinds of words.  We are reading Super Magazine called Splish, Splash.  All the articles are about water.

*There could be homework pages some days.

Science:   We are learning about caves so we will be ready for our field trip to Cave Of The Mounds.

Spelling:  No more spelling lists for the year. 

Social Studies:  We have learned some history behind Thanksgiving and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We have learned more about President's Day with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We learned about Earth Day and why it became a special day.