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Second Grade

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            Have a great summer!  Don't forget to do some reading and math this summer.  There are many fun ways to practice.

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Calendar Events:

June 17, 2018
Happy Father's Day

July 4, 2018
Independence Day

September 3, 2018
labor Day

Here's what you can do this summer...

Health:  Do some fun things outside.  Get some exercise, eat good food, and plenty of sleep.

Math:  Do some adding and subtracting fact cards.  Count things as you are riding in the car.  Look for numbers all around you.  Listen to the weather for temperature.  What shapes do you see around you?

Reading:  Get some good books from the public library.  Tell some of your favorite stories to friends and family.  Act out scenes from a book.

Science:   Look at nature around you.  Explore for rocks and fossils.  Learn about animals.  Visit state parks and go for hikes.

Spelling:  Write to friends about your summer.  Email friends - with your parent's permission of course. 

Social Studies:  Learn about the history of your town.  Why do we have Independence Day and Labor Day?  Look at maps. Can you read them?