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Second Grade

            It's summer!  Have a great time, be safe, and don't forget to do some reading.  Visit the Public Library and check out some good books.

During the school year, I can be reached at 934-5251 ext. 245
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Calendar Events:

June 18, 2017
Happy Father's Day

July 4, 2017
Independence Day

Here's what you can do...

Health:  Exercise, get plenty of sunshine, and enjoy life.

Math:  Look at the clock and tell time to the minute, count how many stars are in the night sky, draw shapes in the sand at the beach, help mom or dad with measuring in recipes, and save up some money for something you really want.

Reading:  Find a good book at the Public Library, read some favorites you have at home, make up some stories for friends, read to someone in your family, and share some good books with friends.

Science:  Explore the plants and animals around your home, visit a park, go to the zoo, wonder about the sky, notice the phases of the moon, look for landforms and kinds of water areas, and think how wonderful the Earth is.

Spelling:  Write a letter to a friend, email someone you know (with your parent's permission), start a journal for the summer, and write your name in the sand.