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Second Grade

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           November is here.  This month we will see you for conferences, learn about veterans, remember pilgrims and indians, and celebrate Thanksgiving.

During the school year, I can be reached at 934-5251 ext. 122
 or at                                           


Calendar Events:

November 8, 2018
Conferences - p.m.

November 9, 2018
Conferences -a.m.

November 11, 2018
Veteran's Day

November 21, 2018
No School

November 22, 2018
Thanksgiving Day

November 23, 2018
No School

Here's what we are doing...

Health:  We have met Slim Goodbody and friends to hear about healthy habits.  We are learning about the food groups from the Royal Food Group Family.

Math:  We started out with even and odd numbers, place value, and counting.  We reviewed o'clock time, time to the half hour, and counting pennies and dimes.  We see numbers as hundreds, tens, and ones.  We should be able to read number words.  We are changing tens to ones and hundreds to tens...and back again.

*There may be homework pages to do.

Reading:  We are finding out what the Superkids do in their second grade classroom this year.  We will do grammar, sentences, special words, and special sounds.  In small reading groups we are reading chapter books.  We are working on main idea and sequencing events.

*There may be homework pages to do.

Science:  Our new unit will be about the diversity of animals.  We will review animal groups, look at where animals live, and use Mystery Science lessons with activities to understand diversity.

Spelling:   Spelling List - Backpack page 31  *Test on Tuesday

Social Studies:  We are learning about living in a community and citizenship.
We are using Scholastic News.  We will find out all about Veteran's Day and learn more about the Pilgrims and Indians.
*Study pages for quiz on Pilgrims and Indians on Monday.  Test Tuesday  

Writing:  We wrote a paragraph about ourselves.  We used a 4 square organizer, wrote a first draft, met with the editor (me), wrote a final draft, and used a checklist to proofread the final draft.  Our next project is a Halloween rhyme poem.  We will focus on vivid verbs.