Middle School FACS Classes 2019-20

Introduction to Sewing

Each student will get to sew a pillowcase after learning the parts of the sewing machine. 

3 pieces of fabric, cut from a bolt, will be needed for the project.
    (1) 27" Body Fabric
    (2) 9" Cuff Fabric
    (3) 3" Accent Fabric

YouTube Video

Time permitting, students can make a couple hand warmers
These are little squares of fabric filled with some rice. 
Directions for use: Microwave for 30 seconds. Warm one up and hold it while watching a movie, or in a cold car, or take it to cold bed in the winter. 

Introduction to Cooking

In the course students will learn about manners, table setting, kitchen safety, and lab procedures. Students will get to explore My Plate's five categories of Grains, Protein, Fruits, Vegetables and Protein with appropriate food labs. The end of class will be a unit on eggs. We will explore where eggs come from and different ways to prepare eggs ending the class by creating a breakfast pizza.
8th Grade FACS - Relationships

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