Welcome to ART with Miss Wyss!

My name is Theresa Wyss this is my seventh year as the K-12 Art Teacher here in the Juda School District! Along with teaching Art I am also the Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator for Juda. I grew up just down the road from Juda in Monroe, and graduated from Monroe High School in 2008. I earned my Bachelors in Art with an emphasis in teaching in 2013 from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I did my student teaching in the Monticello School District and in Linneaskolen in Umeå, Sweden. In my free time I draw, paint, read, and enjoy traveling and exploring new places. Below I have links to my Middle School and High School Classes, along with links to the Juda Odyssey of the Mind page. I hope that your students enjoy creating and learning about art as much as I enjoy teaching it!


Theresa Wyss K-12 Art

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Art Creates a Student with a sense of...

DESIGN can create and appreciate human-made objects that go beyond function and may be perceived as beautiful, whimsical, extraordinary, unique or emotionally engaging;

STORY communicates effectively with others by creating, as well as appreciating a compelling narrative;

SYMPHONY synthesizes ideas, sees the big picture, crosses boundaries, and combines disparate pieces into a meaningful whole;

EMPATHY understands another’s point of view, is able to forge relationships and feels compassion for others;

PLAY creatively engages in problem-solving, benefits personally and socially from flexibility, humor, risk-taking, curiosity, inventive thinking and games;

MEANING pursues more significant endeavors, desires and enduring ideas, has a sense of purpose, inspiration, fulfillment, and responsibility in making informed choices towards higher-order thinking skills and transformation.

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Welcome Back! We are going to have an awesome year creating Art! Please look out for our furniture auction in the spring!