Child Development 2

Child Development 2 will study the child ages 2-6 (toddlers and preschoolers), and topics relating to guiding and caring for children. Topics will include physical, emotional and social development milestones, teaching through play, child health and safety, child care and additional family concerns.

Tentative Course Outline:

Ch. 22 – Child Care in Group Settings

Ch. 23 – Careers in Child-Related Fields

1- Summative Assessment – Child Care Research

Ch. 14 – Providing for the Toddler’s Developmental Needs

2- Summative Assessment – Toddler Project

Ch. 21 – Protecting Children’s Health & Safety

3- Summative Assessment – Immunization Diseases Research

DVD: I am Sam

4- Summative Assessment – I am Sam Reflection Paper

Ch. 25 – Children with Developmental Differences

Ch. 24 – Concerns of Children & Families

5- Summative Assessment – Family Concern Project

Ch. 18 – Providing for the Preschooler’s Developmental Needs

Ch. 20 – Learning through Play

6- Summative Assessment – Play Project

Final Exam/Project – teaching the play project to the class!

DVD: Losing Isaiah