Juda School Board

        Juda School Board

The authority of the Juda School District is exercised by Juda School Board. The School Board consists of seven members, elected at-large, with three-year terms. 

The School Board has the authority and duty to make rules for organizations, establish policy and procedure, graduation and government of the schools of the district, enter into agreements with other government units, tax for operation and maintenance, and engage employees including an administrator, and purchase equipment to operate. 

School Board Meetings

Regular meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the district library. Committee meetings are scheduled prior to the regular meeting. Residents may address the School Board at the beginning of the meetings, but no action will be taken on items not on the agenda. To have an item placed on the agenda, call the district office at (608)934-5251 at least one week prior to the meeting. Special meetings are held at the discretion of the school board. 

Juda School Board Members

School Board Members

President: Dennis Pfingsten

Vice President: Jessica Matzke

Clerk: Sue Trotter

Treasurer: Patrick Daniels

Member: Laura Powers

Member: Joel Wallace

Member: Janna Merritt

School Board Agenda 2024