Senior Seminar

Required class for Seniors

Semester – ½ Credit

Senior Seminar is a comprehensive and mandatory course for all 12th grade students.

The course focus is on

  • exploring and planning for life after high school
  • personality test
  • explore and apply for post-secondary education
  • learn about cost of living and budgets
  • create a grocery shopping plan/grocery consumerism, plan
  • family meal
  • finding potential jobs online
  • create a resume and cover letter geared toward that job
  • participate in a mock interview
  • send a thank you
  • create personal and financial SMART goals
  • plan/serve Senior Citizen Luncheon
  • personal and professional communication skills
  • Campus Life / Safety
  • Family: Love, Children, Divorce and Death

Each quarter 2 community service projects are required.

Annual Senior Citizen Holiday Luncheon 2014