Graduation Requirements


English 4 credits

Social Studies 3 credits

Science 3 credits

Mathematics 3 credits

Physical Education 1 ½ credits

Health Education ½ credit

Senior Seminar ½ credit

Electives 10 credits

Total 25.5

Specific Classes Required for Graduation

English 4 credits

Health 0.5 credit taken during grade 10

Mathematics 3 credits (One semester of Personal Finance counts as 0.5 credit of Math)

Physical Education 1.5 credits.

Senior Seminar 0.5 credit taken during grade 12

Social Studies 3 credits including World Geography in grade 9, American Government for one semester in grade 10, U.S. History in grade 11 and ½ credit elective.

Science 3 credits including Biology I in grade 9 and Physical Science or Chemistry in grade 10( Horticulture and Ecology count as Science credits)

State Endorsed Graduation Requirements

* Academic and Career Portfolio

* Civics Test