School Nurse

Nurse Jody Makos

(608)934-5251 Ext. 203


We can no longer supply pain medicine to your child.  Each child/family “MUST SUPPLY THEIR OWN BOTTLE” to be kept in the office that we may dispense to your child/children.  Any medications not in the original bottle or brought in baggies will be sent home!!!  We cannot dispense or keep medication that is not labeled or does not have an expiration date on it.  “All prescription medication & inhalers” must have a signed doctors prescription turned into the office before the medication can be given to your child/children!!!  NO EXCEPTION!!!  Please keep a copy of the Prescription/Non Prescription form in this packet. You will be required to bring in the prescription portion of the form signed by the doctor each & every time your child will need the school office to distribute a prescription medication throughout the school year.

School Nurse Provides: